Abbey Bowed

My friend Sam Sharp, after years of hard work, has put together a lovely classical rendition of my favorite album of all time, the Beatles’ Abbey Road. It’s called Abbey Bowed!  Any proceeds from purchases made today will be donated to the International Rescue Committee.



Calm Piano – Anniversary

I worked this piece out over the summer.  Often, I come across different structures that don't seem to last. They sound nice briefly, and then I just lose their vitality. Others stick around. So far so good with this one. It's titled "Anniversary".

Channels of Work

Another question I received after the recent webinar at Learn OmniFocus was to clarify the Land & Sea Project in terms of the number of channels one can use. For details on the Land & Sea project, see the video at about 1:06:43. Its creation and use are more...

Grouping Tasks by Session

Useful Lists We can easily be overwhelmed by looking at even a realistic list of things we'd like to do today. This is particularly the case if there are many small tasks. A good list is one we can easily review in a short period of time so that we can make a clear...

Being Deliberate with Task Wording

How we word our tasks can make a significant difference in how we approach them. For example, several rules of thumb may be: Start with a verb Maintain both simplicity and clarity when possible Act as though you are delegating the task to someone else. (In fact, you...

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