Bach’s Toccata in D minor – an Extended Reinterpretation

Bach’s Toccata is a glorious piece. In this particular performance, I play the unmodified work on the piano and then begin a reinterpretation starting with a swelling synthesizer. The synthesizer is a customized patch using Steinberg’s Halion. The piano is a Yamaha CP4. The visualization is through iZotope’s Ozone 7 Insight plug-in.

As with all my performances, it was done in one take, though I made some minor modifications and clean up before exporting it to a single file.

The piece was performed and broadcast via internet radio to a Second Life audience in Nitida Ridge, hosted by Bree Birke, on October 29th, 2016.

Mental Health Conference in Second Life

Gentle Heron, one of SL’s residents, sent me word about this year’s Mental Health discussions coming up on April 26th:




Looks like there will be some interesting talks from several different voices in the field.

Album "April 13, 2013"

As many of you know, I record my weekly Saturday morning performances. Occasionally, I manage to find the moments needed to capture them into a presentable form and ready them for release online or elsewhere.


The full album is now available at “name your price”
until next Saturday when it goes to full price.


Descriptions of the tracks are as follows:

(If you want to go straight for the power piece, head over to Alight – Burden)

  • Moonlit Rocks – A very relaxing piano/synth combo starts the performance. It’s the only real ambient piece of the entire work.
  • Moon Patrol – Fun synthesizer playing with echoes, arpeggios, and interweaving melodies.
  • Started by Dawn – Usually a quietly played piece, this version finds much more energy and power before drifting off after a collision into the moments where the notes begin to fray. Written in A Aeolian mode.
  • Alight – Burden – First part is a strong, brazen piano and clear structures. The second part transitions to synthesizer. Grungy with echoes, some ethereal, some crushing. F Aeolian mode.
  • Unwritten – Unsung – A piece that has been evolving for at least 20 years now. C Aeolian mode. Unwritten is the first of pieces in which I transitioned from writing by way of notation into writing through an iteration of improvisation. Neither is right or wrong, though I do seem to have a readier access to the sense of play in the live medium.
  • Dandelion (Synth) – More recent work written in Bb ionioan mode. Generally, I play this as a pleasant piano piece. Here, I decided to go with the synth, having built its momentum throughout the performance and wanting to return to it before wrapping up.
– Kourosh