Upcoming 10 Year Anniversary of Second Life Performances

This Saturday marks the 10 year anniversary of my weekly performances at Nitida Ridge in Second Life. Nearly every week, Bree Birke hosts a lovely virtual space where I perform to a global audience. It’s become quite the staple for many of them and for myself. Every Saturday at 10am CST, I get to fire up the piano and synthesizer and broadcast to the world. It’s been such a treat that I look forward to every week.

If you’re interested in tuning in, you can do so with or without a Second Life account. To just listen in, use this link on most any Saturday morning at 10am. To visit the world itself, you can teleport there after creating a Second Life account.

To see an example of a performance, watch the video below where I perform the piece “Impart” as my avatar Kourosh Eusebio:

Recorded and edited by Aiden Witrial


Bach’s Toccata in D minor – an Extended Reinterpretation

Bach’s Toccata is a glorious piece. In this particular performance, I play the unmodified work on the piano and then begin a reinterpretation starting with a swelling synthesizer. The synthesizer is a customized patch using Steinberg’s Halion. The piano is a Yamaha CP4. The visualization is through iZotope’s Ozone 7 Insight plug-in.

As with all my performances, it was done in one take, though I made some minor modifications and clean up before exporting it to a single file.

The piece was performed and broadcast via internet radio to a Second Life audience in Nitida Ridge, hosted by Bree Birke, on October 29th, 2016.