Lecture on Video Game Play and Problems

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Video games are good … or bad … or addictive … or fun … or the bane of society … or something that brings people together … or helps surgeons perform well … or makes people lose their jobs and fail at school …

Ok. So what gives? If you’d like to know, join me at a talk at the PIAT Conference at the Dominican University (PDF Download) this Saturday, March 18th.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in a book I’ve written on the subject, check it out here.

Spoiler alert: I like video games, but they can be played problematically just like anything else. Also, I’m currently playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Overcooked. They’re cool.

Handling Deadlines and Multiple Projects – with OmniFocus and MindNode

Juggling multiple deadlines, knowing what to start and when, and knowing what we will be able to take on a few months from now is not a simple matter. Each project we take on will likely last an unclear amount of time, and we’ll have other responsibilities to take care of in the meantime.

In this video and post, I describe how I’ve been planning and setting up several long term projects using a combination of MindNode and OmniFocus.

A Daily Review Habit with OmniFocus

“Falling off the GTD wagon” (or any task system for that matter) can be all too easy and all too disrupting.

Especially, when you’ve grown used to a system, the gradual loss of trust in that system can come with feelings of anxiety, the need for constant damage control, putting out fires, losing follow up tasks, losing communication trails, losing the state of projects, and more.

To address this concern, we need to review our system regularly. But how do we do that without taking too much time out of our days?

A daily review habit can be very helpful here.


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