The Balcony (piano piece)

on Aug 30, 2014

New Album: Rage & Fear

on Aug 18, 2014

Brush of Sunlight (Piano)

on Jul 27, 2014

Reflections on Rain

on May 9, 2014

Intentions of Mastery

on Apr 25, 2014

Any intention may be one of mastery.

It only depends upon our continual decision to walk its infinite path.

Storms Subside – Piano Piece

on Apr 24, 2014

Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest

on Apr 20, 2014

Digging through the closet, I found a bunch of my CDs that I haven’t heard in years and somehow never imported, including one I thought I’d lost forever, Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest: Believe it or not, the album is a collaboration with Paul McCartney and...

Mental Health Conference in Second Life

on Apr 20, 2014

Information on a Second Life – Mental Health Conference

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