Working Together

  • Are you interested in having me speak at your event?
  • Are you a school teacher or principal and interested in helping your kids do better with homework and exams?
  • Are you a corporation and interested in improving your employee’s productivity?
  • Do you want help organizing your physical or digital environments?
  • Do you have a company that struggles to stay on top of your work?

Contact me for a speaking gig. I’ve spoken at a wide range of locations including Groupon, legal offices, schools, universities, mental health organizations, occupational therapy offices, and many more.

Examples of talks include:


  • Productivity Now
  • Breaking through Procrastination
  • OmniFocus Made Easy
  • Video Games – When to Play and When to Worry

I also provide one-on-one consultation. Little beats the power of direct work. If you are interested in direct consultation, reach me here.