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A Visit and a Game

What’s the point of doing nothing?

An admittedly bold move, I’ve suggested that there’s an alternative unit to work called a Visit. I contrast it with the more typical measures of work such as those related to:

  • A piece of work itself (e.g. it’s goals, its completion,…) or
  • Clock time (e.g. 30 minutes, 3 days from now,…).

A Visit, in short, is about showing up to something with the full option to doing none of it. But how is it not a waste to do nothing?

To illustrate, I’ll describe a visit where you wouldn’t normally find the measures of work, in a board game.

In the evenings, I like to enjoy at least a few moments of leisure.

One night, looking at the shelves, a particular game drew my eye. It had been a while since I’d played, so I’d have to browse the manual to get back up to speed. Together with a full play through, it would take several hours. Unfortunately, I only really had about 20 minutes before I wanted to call it a night.

Rather than avoid it entirely, I paid a visit. I’d brought out the box, skimmed the manual, took out a few pieces just to get a feel for them, and that was it.

But what happened beyond is important. Even though I was only with the materials, ideas came to mind, then and later. Thoughts about what I knew and didn’t know, next possible steps for set up, and more all started to percolate, consciously and unconsciously.

In other words, the next visit was primed.

By the next evening’s visit, I was able to set up faster, strategize more smoothly, and get into things.

The same principle applies to work.

PS If you’re interested, the game in question is Aeon’s End, all about sorcerers fighting space monsters, a matter of vital importance, if you ask me.

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What is Productivity?

Productivity is many things. For some, it is about doing a lot in a little time.
But, truly, productivity is so much more. It is about:

  • Setting yourself up for success.
  • Being focused where you want to be.
  • Doing things that you find meaningful.
  • Being creative, sometimes even in harsh environments.
  • Forging your own paths.
  • Finding your voice and delivering it well.
  • Knowing and actively deciding on your obligations.
  • Knowing where and how to say “no”.
  • Avoiding procrastination.

Too often, many of us fall into just going along with and fighting whatever the world throws at us. “Go with the flow!”, we say. Meanwhile, we might think, “I’d like to do that one thing. Maybe one day I will.” The days go by. The goal never arrives, and then we wonder why or blame circumstance.

But when we learn to take charge of our lives and the world
around us, we start living life with intention.

“I should do that,” becomes “This is how I start”. Deliberately forging a path to our goals and dreams, we figure out what we want in life and then start taking steps there.

Of course, striking out may seem scary. It takes courage to live life with purpose and on purpose. Roadblocks and worries, fears and concerns show up everywhere.

This is my passion. I want to help you to find that sense of your own unique play to meet the world so that you can:

  • Create a life that is yours.
  • Find and follow an inner guide in a way that works for you and those you care for.
  • Decide on your obligations and meet them while building the world you want.

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