Psychoanalysis & Psychiatry

Little beats one-to-one meetings. When you can work directly with a trained professional to understand your unique concerns, you can make massive gains.

Having a space where you can voice your concerns, speak your mind, and describe your dreams, helps you find a path forward. If you are looking for direct help with productivity, focus, anxiety, depression, and more, consider contacting me at my office.

“Feelings of sadness, grief, worry, anger, and more can paralyze the best of us.”

Feelings of sadness, grief, worry, anger, and more can paralyze the best of us. People can feel unable to organize themselves, to find love, healthy sex, friendships, good work, and more. More often, it is difficult to even put these thoughts together. They are in a rut and just can’t seem to find a way out.

Therapy is about helping a person find a way out of that rut. Sometimes a path quickly becomes clear. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes there isn’t one, and the hope is to build a path to a better, more meaningful, world.

Many forces and emotions can impact and overwhelm us. Ideas and preconceptions formed over the years affect how we see the world. To say they are complex is an understatement. But when we begin to see them, we also begin to realize their impact and how often we allow them to keep us prisoner.

Where productivity is about taking charge of one’s world, therapy and psychoanalysis is also about helping a person find the choices they didn’t realize they had.

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