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— Kourosh —

A Podcast with the Omni Show

I had a wonderful time talking with Andrew Mason as part of the Omni Show.

Have a listen to [the podcast here](

The Omni Show focuses on people who use the Omni Group’s products. It’s no secret that I’ve been a big fan of their applications.

In the episode, I talk about task management, the role OmniFocus plays in it, as well as a bit about music, too.

A Daily Review Habit

"Falling off the GTD wagon" (or any task system for that matter) can be all too easy and all too disrupting.  Especially, when you've grown used to a system, the gradual loss of trust in that system can come with feelings of anxiety, the need for constant damage...

Chaotic Workflows Part 2: Saying “No”

In the last post, [Workflows in Chaos](, we looked at the importance of making _settled decisions_ and a difference between task management and workflow mastery. Moving on to...

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