Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?
Either book comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Simply use the contact form to receive a refund. While no explanation is necessary, if you do request a refund, I would appreciate any thoughts so I can consider how to improve these works.
Are there discount versions?
Yes, there are. Feel free to use the discount versions of Creating Flow with OmniFocus and Workflow Mastery if any of the following applies to you:

  • You are involved in an educational setting.
  • You’ve purchased a prior version of the eBook you are looking to purchase.
  • You are a senior citizen.

There is no difference in product. *Please note, there is no discount for Being Productive.

What is the difference between the course and books?
Creating Flow with OmniFocus helps you build a system of work using the task manager OmniFocus. It is useful when you have a large number of commitments and need to stay on top of all the ins and outs of your life, personal and professional. Being Productive is the core set of habits and exercises of productivity.  It is a video course that requires no prior knowledge or tools. Being Productive helps you build the skills that lets you be productive and creative, particularly for developing a single project well.  It focuses on the individual session of work as the core unit.  You will choose a single project of your own to practice these exercises. Workflow Mastery examines an overview of the workflow. The principles here apply throughout our environments be that of task management or otherwise. It is a deep academic examination of the theories behind productivity. It is likely best read when you have a system in place.
Where do I start?
It is difficult to make a general recommendation for everyone. I can say that I started with the excellent Getting Things Done (non-affiliate link). Being Productive is probably the simplest start.  There are no requirements of prior knowledge or tools other than pen and paper. You could use a task system if you already have one. The focus is about learning the skills of productivity through a single project that you choose. If you own OmniFocus, Creating Flow with OmniFocus could be a great place to start.  It goes through the ins and outs of building an entire system to get on top of all of your work. Several readers have found Workflow Mastery to be the strongest of the books, but I personally believe that this feeling comes from already having a solid system in place.  It can help you take things to a very high level of creative, productive, and most importantly, meaningful work.  But I don’t think it would work well as a place to start.
Can I buy them on my mobile device?
Yes. They are downloadable, too, via the receipt. You can also create a login for Gumroad (the purchasing service) so you can download the items in the future. A set of instructions are included with the books, too, if you prefer to download them directly to your computer and transfer them to a device, such as a Kindle.
How can I read the eBooks on my iPad/iPhone?
You can download and read the books using your receipt.  You can also create a login for Gumroad (the purchasing service) so you can download the items in the future. If you prefer to download your PDF or ePub directly to your computer and transfer them to the devices, then use the following instructions:

  1. Open iBooks.
  2. Drag either file into iBooks.
  3. Connect your mobile device to your computer by the Apple provided USB cable.
  4. Open iTunes.
  5. Wait for iTunes to recognize the device (it will appear in the top right of the iTunes application).
  6. Select the device.
  7. Select “Books” in the menu bar.
  8. Make sure that “Sync Books” is checked. If you prefer to have only particular books synced, choose “Selected books”.
  9. Make sure that “Creating Flow with OmniFocus” is checked.
  10. Sync your device.

The book should now be available in the iBooks application.

How can I read the eBooks on my Kindle device?
1) Turn on the Kindle. 2) Connect the Kindle via the accompanying USB cable to your computer. 3) Drag the .mobi file into the documents folder on your device. 4) Wait until the USB activity indicator on your Kindle stops flashing. 5) Depending upon your operating system, remove the device by either: ⁃ (Windows) choosing “Safely Remove Mass Storage Device” or ⁃ (Mac) selecting “Eject”. The book should now be available to read on your Kindle device.
What is the difference between the file types?
The PDF file is an electronic file which most accurately represents the presentation of the book’s contents. However, these pages are static in nature and will not adjust to the page for the latest eReaders. An ePub file is also included for compatible readers such as the iBooks or Stanza apps on the iPad. ePub files are adaptable and allow changes of font, zooming of images (on iBooks), among other adjustments. Also included is the .mobi version which is compatible with Kindle device readers. Note, this file is intended for the actual Kindle device and not the iPad application.
Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, an affiliate program is currently available. Let me know if you are interested.
Can I buy the books and course elsewhere?
Presently, the books and course are not listed in iTunes, Amazon, or otherwise, though an affiliate may have it for sale at their site. This may change, though I have preferred the direct artist-audience connection the present method provides. If you would prefer it sold by some other method, please drop me a line and send your vote. Purchasing the ebooks here at provides you with multiple formats so you can read or listen where you like and how you like without restriction.
Can I share the books and course?
I suggest using either as you would a physical book or DVD within the home. As long as you are not reading, watching, or storing it at the same time, then please feel free to share within the household.
Could you tell me about my own specific workflow?
Requests to evaluate individual workflows are welcome. However, to do so adequately would take me some time. If you would like to hire me, please use the contact form to send me an inquiry.
Will there be an audiobook version?
Being Productive comes with an audiobook companion. I have not started an audiobook version of either Creating Flow with OmniFocus or Workflow Mastery, though if you are interested, please let me know and I will add it to the votes for creating one.
What is OmniFocus?
In short, Omnifocus is a powerful task management system that can be used to organize anything from routine activities up through major goals in life. It is a tool that helps break down your goals into real world tasks that allow you to work and play in a way that you want to. Check out the Omni Group’s main OmniFocus site for more information.
What makes Creating Flow different from other resources?
There are many products, comments, and posts about using OmniFocus on the net and more coming about everyday. The resources section on this site links to many of them. Creating Flow with OmniFocus, however, describes thoroughly and systematically an all encompassing method of working with OmniFocus to deal with and integrate small projects up through life goals on a day-to-day basis. All the while, it presents the concepts behind the system so that you can adjust and adapt the ideas to your own unique workflow. While it does present much of my own setup, it does so with the point of helping you build a system that works for you. While there are many free resources, it would take a lot of effort to arrange them into a smooth flow of learning.  Creating Flow also takes you through step-by-step, in a measured format that you can easily navigate at your own pace.. Creating Flow functions both partially as a manual as well as a productivity guide incorporating thoughts from the Getting Things Done methodology developed by David Allen, the nature of the program, the concepts of flow in work, as well as a psychological understanding of the mind and attention. It is a culmination of years of psychoanalytic training, GTD work, creativity in art, music, and writing.
Does Creating Flow focus on the iPad, iPhone, or Desktop client?
Creating Flow with OmniFocus includes all clients, but mainly focuses on the Desktop version. Most ideas can easily be adapted to the iOS version.
Are you affiliated with Davidco or Getting Things Done?
No. I just really like the methodology. Throughout Creating Flow, Workflow Mastery, and Being Productive, I try to describe what I understand to be GTD concepts and what I believe to be my own deviations from them. But, Davidco does not endorse me, and I may not interpret everything they have to say perfectly. Do check out the book Getting Things Done. There are many task management methodologies out there. I find the best are those you can adapt to your own workflow. I’ve found the GTD method to be useful for myself.
Are you affiliated with the Omni Group?
I have been compensated by the Omni Group for giving a talk and may in the future, too. However, I’ve enjoyed their products long before any such arrangements.

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