Wow. Just wow. The title on the youtube page says 4 year-old drummer. There are a number of other videos of this wonderful musician as well as some active debate on their forums as to whether or not this is his true age. Regardless, of how old he is, I’ll still just say I’m impressed.

He looks like he’s just having a blast. Not only that, but he seems to be performing effortlessly. With the joy he’s having and the ease with which he plays, as far as I’m concerned, he’s already a master drummer. The rest of his development is just technique and style.

I think that one thing people may say to this is that he is “exceptional.” In many ways he is. But, I don’t think it is something that is out of reach of many. I would rather look at it as an untapped potential in all of us. There are abilities that we don’t really get to simply because there is an unspoken statement that we cannot because of our age or state or something.

To point out someone towards the other end of the spectrum of age, one can see geriatric1927 as he calls himself, who mastered youtube before I ever considered trying it. Again, our limits are probably more often than not, self-imposed.