New music videos by Aiden Witrial

Aiden Witrial has created two new excellent music videos to check out:



A Couple’s Time is a track about a couple in some far off, unnamed land.  The setting is well done and I think captures much of the track’s emotions.  The album, Legends’ Mist, is about the legends of that far off land.



Waters at Midnight is a piece from the album Calm.  Calm is a meditational CD that is largely, as you’d expect, relaxing.  It is an album that carries the theme of a river.




Just over the weekend, Aiden created a video using the track One Word from the album Fidelio. It is the first of the albums that I have available. It is a shorter, piano only work that marks a major shift in how I wrote music from notation to improvisation.

Music also available at iTunes: