There is so much involved in creating music that it is any wonder that a person ever does it. What makes it more difficult is that there has never been much of a clear map. Recently, when I’d been asked by a pair of guys from the UK to contribute to their upcoming ebook on that very matter I was a bit skeptical.

Now, a few months after the interview, they’ve come up with the The Complete Music Producer, a book precisely about being a successful electronic musician. Written by physicist Dave Ridley and founder of Forbidden Fruit Recordings and systems engineer, Anth Gaskill, it features interviews with a number of big names in the community. Ok, so I’m beyond flattered to be mentioned in the same book as Sasha, Paul Woolford, and … whom am I to name drop? (Oops, I just did.)

In any case, they’ve posted the part of the book where I happen to be waxing on about being productive.

Every once in a while, I have to look around and ask, what’s going on here?

I’ve been making my way through the book myself, and I must say it’s quite excellent. There’s a lot to digest. It’s great for anyone who is at all interested in the ins and outs of electronic music production, from the specifics of studio monitor placements and useful plugins to contacting others in the industry.