So it seems I split my performance times between Second Life and Real Life. The first two are SL and the latter two shows are RL. And, so here are some various methods of music consumption:

June 14th – 9pm CST (7SL) at the Steamtree: (Second Life). Enjoy the spacious, comfy, familiarity of your own living room (or wherever you have your computer) while listening to the performance live and in-game. Click the picture above at showtime if you have SL installed to be transported directly.

Monday June 19th – 8pm CST (6SL) at Mood Indigo: (Second Life). I’m using the “slurl” technology here so click here or the picture above for automatic teleport. 🙂

June 23rd – ~10:30p until MN: Perhaps you enjoy the more uptempo crowd with the lineup listed above. Come see the performance at Entheon as the excellent ambient musician Josh Brill and I introduce the Chill stage. There will be a veritable cornucopia of visual and/or motion artists, musicians, DJs, and more.

June 28th – 6:30p until MN: Or perhaps you would prefer the laid back atmosphere at f212. Here, Josh Brill and I will weave our performances together as part of‘s Onomatopoeia line up as you enjoy teas, coffees, and desserts.

Edit: adjusted the dates so they read correctly.
Cheers! 🙂