Creating Flow with OmniFocusJ. Eddie Smith at Practically Efficient wrote a very nice review of Creating Flow with OmniFocus.

Smith is an actuary. I spent a year in college rooming with a budding actuary. He kicked my rear in any and all board games. At the same time, he had many exams to go through and look forward to in order to continue his education. I have respect for actuaries. 🙂

Smith’s review is particularly nice because he gets into what I find to be one of the book’s centerpieces – the idea of defining success and productivity for oneself. The book is ultimately not about doing a lot of stuff. It is about bringing about the things you want. You may want to be a writer, but have no idea where to start. You may want to be an artist but find yourself swamped in the doldrums of a job you find meaningless. While the book does not give you the exact steps to do what you want, I do attempt to provide a way of bringing about a path by breaking down the tasks of trying to get somewhere in your life and then placing them into a system that inspires and excites rather than overwhelms.