All the Books in the World from Kourosh Dini on Vimeo.


Music from: “Winter Winds”


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  • Story and drawings by Darko Macan and Tihomir Celanovic
  • Translated by whatistigerbalm
  • Video editing and soundtrack by Kourosh Dini
  • Music: “Charmed Winds of Winter”

A story of the past lived in the present.

After finding this comic on Reddit, I was completely amazed by the delivery of its emotion. Immediately, I downloaded the images and cropped them thinking I’d eventually soundtrack it. The images sat on my computer for a couple of months as other things took precedence, but I finally had a moment after a recording/performance session on October 18th. The piece is called “Charmed Winds of Winter” which is an evolution of a piano only piece called “Charmed.” The last quarter of the piece did not fit the movie so it is not included here.