I’m currently taking an Udemy composition course for video game music. One of the assignments is to take a character from an existing game, consider his/her characteristics, and come up with some alternate music composition to work as character music.

I’ve chosen the main protagonist from the Marvelous Miss Take, made by Wonderstruck and published by Rising Star Games. It’s a fun sort of stealth game. The protagonist, Sophia Take, plays as a thief who steals back the art that had been stolen from her aunt.

Going a bit beyond the game, I imagine her as an intelligent, attractive, maybe coquettish, high society woman. She has most people wrapped around her finger. If this were a movie, maybe she hasn’t met her match yet, but someone is waiting along the way.

The usual music for the game is rather funky and fun in nature. So, I wanted to take an alternate classical route using a violin and cello. The assignment was to make it 1 minute long and be able to loop. So this does loop once and then ends.

The violin and cello are both a part of Steinberg’s Halion suite of synths. Enjoy!