An audiobook version of Creating Flow with OmniFocus: Mastering Productivity is now available for download. The audiobook comes in a zip file along with a reference list of over 300 screenshots in pdf, ePub, and mobi (Kindle) formats.


Creating Flow with OmniFocus cover


The experience of creating an audiobook was not nearly as simple as I thought it would be. At first, I thought I’d try to do it myself. Rather quickly, I learned that owning a microphone does not make me a narrator.

Not only is the project time intensive, there is a lot of microphone and studio know-how in addition to voice talent that is required to really do a decent job. After some search, I found, who in turn, helped me connect with voice talent. Bruce Edwards, professional voice actor, did a wonderful job of helping me put the book together in addition to the image files necessary.

Now, onto the next project …