New Review!


One of OmniFocus’s strengths is its versatility. Similar to Getting Things Done itself, it can be very adaptable for the individual. The OmniBlog has begun a series of case studies. A couple have been:


A productivity tool such as OmniFocus can easily go hand in hand with academics. Check out several new postings on OmniFocus at:

Higher altitudes

In Creating Flow, I suggest either creating a dedicated perspective or using flags for maintaining views of higher perspectives, depending on how one sets up a core system of daily work. Jan-Yves Ruzicka writes of a neat way to use tagging as an alternate means which can keep the versatility of flags without taking them away from everyday tasks.

Using Contexts

How one uses contexts is a significant point of difference between users. Some advocate using only one or two contexts, especially as many of our tools are becoming increasingly ubiquitous. Others, tend to use something closer to the GTD suggested range of contexts.