My pal, David Sparks, has done it again and released his latest Productivity Field Guide (Standard Edition|Plus Edition) (limited time 10% launch discount PFGLAUNCH).

I do love his intro:

“Productivity has become a dirty word… The real solution isn’t about doing more; it’s about doing less while focusing on what truly matters.”

David runs his business as a solo-preneur, meaning that he has needed to keep himself accountable while he both comes up with ideas and implements them. Throughout, he continues to create a ton of good stuff. Whenever we talk or I hear him on his podcast, he reveals himself as a deeply sincere person willing to consider positives and negatives, think through what works, and come up with a distilled answer.

David focuses on areas that I do not and I’m certain with aplomb. Ideas of hyper-scheduling, roles, extended planning and the like all run throughout his course.