I managed to attend most of the shows during the Dublin Rocks! festival yesterday. I, unforutunately, missed out on the fireworks at the end. I hope they went well. Ham and Boliver did a great job putting it together. Likely, there were others deeply involved in the makings of the show. I can only imagine the amount of work that went into getting a different artist on a different stage every hour with dj’ing going on during the intervals. I am very happy to have been a part.

There was a lot of wonderful music to be heard all day yesterday. It was nice leaving the computer logged in. I would do my RL work while the music played in the background, while occasionally checking in to pick up a conversation where it had left off.

If I’ve got the numbers correct, at least 60 people were in attendance at some points, and at least 80 had been listening sometime during the day. I had these numbers somewhere mid-day while things were still picking up. I’m not sure what the totals were, but if anyone does know, please drop me a line.