The creation of the music I tend to is an evolutionary process. I prefer to think of it as something of a garden. (Unfortunately, soundgarden is already taken as a band name so I can’t use that. But, since I like the band, I’ll forgive them. 🙂 )

It has always been a difficult process to describe, though. The use of words seems to fail me at times when I want to discuss music. I often think that’s why I perform instrumental works rather than vocal.

The sidebar music player has two new pieces. The first is the latest of a piece called Orange Marmalade (YI/ Second Life Performance Feb 19, 2007). The second is the original presentation of Orange Marmalade from the album the Beckoning of Agora (1998).

Update – Orange Marmalade is now called, “Lives of the Kingdom” and can be found on the Legends album.

Hopefully, you can hear where the original themes stemmed from and how they have continued to evolve to the present day. Each performance I do is, in this way, a snapshot of a garden.