*** Update (9/25): We made it!!!



Here Comes the Sun“, by George Harrison, is one of the most amazing songs I know. It is just one of those simply beautiful pieces that seem to have come from the heart.

The story goes that Harrison was completely frustrated with how things were going on the business end of the Beatles’ lives. He paid a visit to Eric Clapton’s garden to relax, and while strumming one of Clapton’s guitars, created one of the highlights of Abbey Road.



It is rare that I make any covers, but I simply had to do this one. This new version was made after spending about a week learning the exact song and then allowing it to grow through my own variations. It is more of a piece born in the theme than a direct cover, while the source is clearly heard. As with all my musical works so far, it is entirely instrumental.

The publishers have given the ok to provide a downloadable version of the piece, but only if I pay the requiste royalties of $122.50 US.

In order to do so, I’m asking for contributions. To this end, I’ve set up a fundable account. If the goal of $135 (includes Fundable’s fees) is not reached, then no money is exchanged. Only if we make it to the goal will there be a charge.

The lowest a person can pledge using their system is $10. To make it more worth your while, if you contribute and the goal is reached, I’ll send you:

  1. the cover of Here Comes the Sun and
  2. the entire album of Live at Bliss Gardens as high-quality mp3s (worth $10).


Make a contribution here. [** Update – Contributions are now closed]


If the goal is reached, I can pay the publishers and put it online. If we don’t make the goal within 25 days, then no one loses out. The pledges are returned as if never made.

Let’s see how this experiment goes …


*Update (Sept 3rd): You guys are awesome! We are 37% of the way there already. The fundraiser ends either with reaching the goal or by September 26th at midnight.


**Update (9/18): We’re at 88% with 8 days to go!


*** Update (9/25): We made it!!!