Ok. The preliminary CD is done. I say “preliminary” because a more produced version is in the works. I just wanted to get something out there relatively close to the date it was recorded.

Rob Barber of Second Life, a.k.a Rob Steenhorst, will be taking some SL pictures to include in the design. Matt Strieby, the same designer who did the excellent work on Ontogeny, is also on board. Check out their sites, as they do very nice work.

The hour of recording seemed to be a peaceful moment, and I think this state is reflected in the performance. Both synthesizer and piano are involved. I’ve included the eighth track “Charmed” in the sidebar to hear a bit of the mood yourself.

This preliminary version is only in limited supply. It will be a while before the final fully-produced version is available. So, if you’re up for it, you can grab a hardcopy at CDBaby, for the moment. Alternatively, you can always download a copy from the store.

Lastly, I will not be performing at Bliss tomorrow as I am usually scheduled. However, I will return next Saturday 🙂