KOUROSH DINI: Live at Bliss Gardens

🙂 Well, the CD is complete and ready.

Live at Bliss Gardens is a product of my practices and performances throughout the past year and a half in Second Life.

Unlike, Fidelio or Ontogeny, this blends the two playing styles that I’ve developed over the years. As a result the piano and synthesizers play with and against each other as a style of its own.

The album motif is that of a garden. The performance itself is from April 28th, 2007 at the Bliss Gardens designed by Luna Bliss of Second Life. Jaynine Scarborough had invited me to be a part of a wonderful group of musicians who would play there weekly. The virtual lush landscapes of green leaves and blue waterfalls somehow was able to create an excellent atmosphere for the music itself to grow from week to week.

I do hope you enjoy it.