Please enjoy the new piece of music I have added to the side bar.

I have titled it “border” by the method I seem to use for naming pieces. Specifically, I use the first words that come to mind when I am ready to give the piece a title.

It may seem an arbitrary method of naming. But, it isn’t.

Music is very much a language. However, it is not translatable. It cannot be changed into words because its discussions are mostly in those realms where conventional language does not exist. We unconsciously use prosody and intonation in our daily speech for this very reason.

The worlds of music and speech overlap and coexist. It is obvious when enjoying the exceptional experience of listening live to the voice of a singer who has truly honed the skills of her craft.

When attempting to create the name for a piece of work, I think it is best when it feels to be a natural extension of the piece itself. Perhaps, it is as when the words that are sung seem to fit the melody with which they are paired.

The motions of the mind tend to exist by way of Association. One thought evokes several others, one of which jumps closest to the spotlight on the center stage of consciousness, ready to call out another round of fellow actors. It seems to be the mind’s most natural way of being.

Art is either an imitation or a form of Life, or perhaps both. Either way, the greater the work resembles Life, the warmer it seems to make the heart, the stronger it makes us feel, and the closer we feel to our fellow man.

So, I choose the association, even when I don’t know what it means, hoping that somehow it follows the principles of Nature so that it may enhance the experience of the music.