I’ve added a new piece titled “Grunt” to the side player. I actually recorded it a little over a year ago, but as I was going through some of my older files and found this one. I like it. 🙂

I thought of calling it Elf vs Grunt, in reference to characters in the Warcraft universe. It has some elegant parts as well as some rougher, distorted parts. But the music player seems to order things alphabetically, and I didn’t want it first.

The piece Winter has been retired to make room.

In regards to Warcraft, though, there are now over 8 million subscribers. I played for a few months when it first came out. It took too much time it seemed so I uninstalled it. But, if I didn’t have so many projects, I’d consider starting up a new character again.

edit: I decided to go with Elf v Grunt and just add a “z” before it. 🙂