“Music’s real effect on people is a new field of science called psychoacoustics- the way and organism deals with wiggling air molecules.”

Frank Zappa

Just what are these “wiggling air molecules”? Is it necessary to think about them in working with music?

Well, yes and no. Creating music, in one sense, is simply picking up something that makes a sound and banging on it. Using this method one can create powerful emotional messages that can sway a room into joy, laughter, or tears.

On the other hand, music is a such a rich phenomena, that searching for its strengths wherever and however we can seems to be an almost obligatory or, perhaps noble, pursuit. The landscapes provided in music are the landscapes of the mind, and as such, the notes, rhythms, and melodies reflect ourselves back in auditory mirrors.

Learning what is behind the mirror is the search of every inquisitive child, and what is an Artist other than an inquisitive child?

Technology and science continue to evolve with humanity. These parts of ourselves both help us see ourselves and reflect the desires to understand ourselves in that environment. A musician can use them towards understanding something as fundamental to human interaction as music.