Dragon has been a piece in evolution for several years now. It can be found in one of its original forms on the Legends’ Mist album. In it, there is a wide range of dynamics and the like as well as various piano and synthesizer parts.

This particular version was recorded at a performance in Second Life over the last weekend. It is a piano only version.

Be warned, there is a wide range of dynamics and it begins very quietly.

The sounds are meant as a metaphor for the elegant yet enigmatic nature of the Dragon mythology. It incorporates what is called the phrygian dominant scale and involves multiple shifting time signatures such as 5/8, 3/4, and 4/4 – though I don’t remember if I used all of them for this particular version. The effect of doing so hopefully lends to both a feeling of smoothness as well as intermittent rhythmic disruptions offering the intended vision of simultaneous beauty and ferocity.