Sometimes you find poetry in the oddest of places.



Perusing one of the forums on the net, I found a topic posted, “Does Anyone Else Love Thunderstorms and Rain?” (As with all forums, Reddit can be crass at times and insightful at others, with a wide range of opinions. If you decide to visit, be aware that much of the discussion can be rather mature or otherwise.)

I found some of comments to be really quite enjoyable with their focus on the very positive nature of a phenomenon often considered not. Some of the statements I even found to be rather poetic and thought they could be framed as such.

The video includes some quotes from the forum-goers found at Reddit though with minor edits. I tried to leave any “errors” in grammar unless they were distracting as I think the errors are really inherent in discussions on forum posts and not as reflective of the writer’s capabilities as it would be on a formal letter or so.

The background thunderstorms are from