I’ve recently joined up with Secondtunes. There are an increasing number of ways to get the music “out there.” Distribution has been one of those things that historically were very difficult for the independent musician to get. Now, as the world continues to gain interconnectivity, this has become much less of an issue.

Secondtunes is a new service created by Bobby Fairweather who is, in a sense, creating a virtual record store in Second Life. It’s one of those great ideas that make you wonder how it had not come out earlier.

In any case, whenever you click on the above sign (image courtesy of Torley – Thanks, Torley!) at one of my performances, you’ll be able to purchase and download one of my works using Linden dollars. The pieces are short single works or entire nearly 1-hour long concerts. I’ll probably put some on exclusively to either Snocap or to the in-game server.