The repairs on Galveston, Texas continue from its savaging by Hurricane Ike.

This weekend, join a special fundraiser especially endorsed by the city of Galveston, Texas. This two day musical event will celebrate this RL destination through the best SL music.


Donations can be made outside of SL:


Hurricane Ike Trust Fund
c/o of City of Galveston
823 Rosenberg
Galveston, TX 77550


Galveston County Recovery Fund
c/o Moody National Bank
2302 Post Office
Galveston, TX 77550


The musician lineup:

Saturday, Nov 22nd

  • 2pm – UKD Project
  • 3pm – JB Melnik
  • 4pm – PickerJohn Haystack
  • 5pm – XanderNichting Writer
  • 6pm – Cylindrian Rutabaga
  • 7pm – Damian Carbenell
  • 8pm – October Stand

Sunday, Nov 23rd

  • 10am – Maximillion Kleene
  • 11am – Vienna James
  • 12pm – Sojurn Rossini
  • 1pm – Digby Smalls
  • 2pm – Zerbie Magic
  • 3pm – Ayden Kruh
  • 4pm – Chaz Mikoyan
  • 5pm – Pilgram75 Swashbuckler
  • 6pm – Kourosh Eusebio
  • 7pm – Phemie Alcott


The event will be held at the Balinese Room in SL Galveston, the RL Balinese Room was destroyed by Hurricane Ike.