I continue taking a Udemy course by Karleen Heong on Game Music Composition. This assignment required writing music for mobile games. I was supposed to write one track, but I got so frustrated with the assignment in the middle of composing one track that I just made another. That one went super smoothly, even though in some ways it’s more complicated. I then returned to the first to finish it off.  So now there are two tracks.  They’re just examples of how the creative process can be simple, complex, whatever. The point is to keep moving forward.

The first is in 7/8 time. and can probably function as a scene of exposition in a game. That’s likely where you see two characters exchange some dialogue in bubbles about the backstory. It’s meant to be happy.  I’d say imagine Stardew Valley, but that’s not a mobile game: 

The second starts in 7/8 time but shifts to other times along the way. It also only has 2 instruments. It’s meant to be a part of a peaceful, gardening type game: 

Even though I’ve already said it, I think you can easily tell which one the struggle and which was a smooth process.