Last month, I got a tweet from Groupon’s CEO, Andrew Mason, asking if I did talks on OmniFocus. The idea of creating a seminar was one with which I had been playing at the time. If there were a time to develop it, now was it.

He invited me to Groupon’s headquarters to discuss the initial idea of presenting the program and its uses to his managerial staff. Andrew himself has a solid workflow and runs the place like an orchestra. He knows what he wants of his staff, gives clear instructions, and is confident and consistent in his follow up.

My role was to introduce the potential of the program and get them familiar with it. After refining the lecture “An Introduction to OmniFocus” I presented it to Groupon’s managerial staff earlier this week.

Throughout the process of developing the talk and during the presentation, I felt that Groupon’s staff were friendly, courteous, available, and solidly professional. Coordinating the talk was very smooth. Those that were only lightly familiar with the program were quick to pick it up and ask good questions.

Giving a talk at Groupon was a real pleasure, and I’m ecstatic to have had the opportunity.