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“Spring Rain”


Music is a part of nature. It is a wonderful reflection of the mind’s contours from its emotional to its intellectual landscapes. Much of the work of improvisation is in crafting paths of connection between those near unconscious parts of the mental world to the most logical and calculating. When these parts are in-sync, the result is a something that provides a sense of truth or meaning, of whatever sort it is.

The process of creating music is one of connecting with nature. Somehow, when art reflects some natural element, be it in the world of plants and flowers, in the world of mathematics, or in the sounds of music, I find that it truly reflects some reality.

Perhaps creating art then is the simple act of framing a nature that is always there.


“Transforming Clouds”


The time-lapse nature videography featured in this post was created by Costas. He has used two pieces from the album Calm as soundtrack.