Over the last weekend, I joined a creative experiment by way of invite from SL’s Eden Toll in what is called the Virtual Jazz (VJAZZ) experiment. Two graphic artists – Josina Burgess and Velazquez Bonetto and two musicians junivers Stockholm and myself, all created a simultaneous improvisational work.

It is difficult to describe the encounter. I took pictures, but most have mysteriously disappeared. Nonetheless, I would like to invite you to the next performance. I had not said much for the first round as I wanted to first get a feel for the event. The recorded mp3 from my own performance is sitting on my home computer, but I don’t think it does the experience justice without the graphic work as well.

Come by this Sunday at 1pm SLT when I will perform alongside graphic artists Cezary Fish and Caravaggio Bonetto.

To see these artists’ works please visit their site.

Artists include:

visual artists

  • Josina Burgess
  • Caravaggio Bonetto
  • Eden Toll
  • Debbi Trilling
  • Juria Yoshikawa
  • Velazquez Bonetto
  • Cezary Fish
  • Abstract Baroque


audio artists

  • nnoiz Papp
  • Kourosh Eusebio
  • junivers Stockholm