Please, enjoy this ambient piece called Fiddler’s Green:

[audio: Green.mp3]

The best category I’ve found to describe the works I do is melodic darkwave ambient. The pieces are essentially improvisations with themes that recur in variation from one performance to another. Moods range from ambient to rhythmic and light to dark.

This particular piece seems a very chill before bedtime type of work. It was composed last night, not surprisingly, right before I went to bed. Its name comes from a character in Neil Gaiman‘s wonderful Sandman comics.

Other live performances and recordings are available through the store. Some tend to run about 60 minutes long as continuous pieces. They are direct recordings from the live shows of Second Life where I am known as Kourosh Eusebio.

Don’t forget to check out the Creative Commons/Popular Science performances Thursday September 14th.

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