Beyond the importance of developing habit, much of productivity can be summed up as the following two sentences:

Bite off what you can chew. Pause before the next bite.

These ideas seem simple, and in fact, are simple. But their deliberate execution requires a practice of mindfulness.

When you bite off what you can chew, you cordon off what is next. You create a vision of what you are doing next and consider if it is completable. If it is not, you can reassess and figure out, what is the next truly actionable step.

When we take this step with patience, we can fully acknowledge what can be pictured in mind. The practice creates a reasonable bite that we may now fully engage and perhaps even enjoy.

In pausing between actions, we allow our unconscious selves to play and build. We digest. We decide should we continue in this direction. We have “aha!” moments. We allow ourselves the ability to find perspective, consider our goals and how we may take next steps in converting them into reality.

Strawberry image by Dang Cuong