“Wind, water, and stones”: [audio:https://www.kouroshdini.com/ajjfh33/Wind_Water_Stones-kouroshdini.com.mp3]

Music is the channeling of a form of Nature. A musician attempts to create a certain abstract space. Within and of that space, there is Nature.

As an improvisation, a musician attempts to Play what is Now. Themes flow through and repeat themselves. They live and interact with each other. They sleep and wake. They change and when they stop changing, they pass on to become a different form of the same spirit.

Themes evolve retaining a semblance to their selves yet remain completely unique in their time much like growing people or cultures.

The piece above involves several motifs, some of which present similarly in other sessions. They are recognizable yet have aged since last played. They can be heard again in another performance as completely different yet still understood as one would recognize old acquaintances.

As an object of projection, most art evokes many different reactions in people. Some may find it relaxing, while others may find it energizing. Some may feel it pleasing, while others sense something morbid. Some find all of these senses together and some feel little at all.

Music is a story of Nature written in notes. One cannot help but write such stories as Nature is everywhere and in everything. Each session is the next line, paragraph, or chapter where the characters are abstract shapes interacting with the same complexities found in any natural environment.

These characters are sketched in the media of logic and emotion with very different assocations from one person to the next.

Nature is its own music. Its reproduction might seem superfluous if it were not for the connection between each other that it helps foster. Music describes an inner life, where sometimes a person feels joys and pains. It reminds us that people other than ourselves have these feelings and that one is not alone.

In playing music, writing poetry, or creating art one realizes how much of the world is unspoken and attempts to speak it.