Our fine topics of the day:

  • A review series for Workflow: Beyond Productivity
  • A book giveaway & podcast interview
  • Request to readers for input on next directions


Exploring the Black Box – A "Review Series"

The other day, I came across an interesting OmniFocus & TextExpander post written by Ben Broeckx. Noticing his heavy involvement in a large organization, I emailed him mentioning my curiosity about how my writings might translate to the larger business settings. Being a solo practitioner myself, it is hard to gauge this from my own experience.

In any case, Ben has totally floored me by starting an entire Workflow: Beyond Productivity review series in which he discusses exactly how feels the book relates to the larger organization settings.  He's already written three posts:


Book Giveaway & Podcast interview

Dom Goucher of Preneurmedia inteviewed me as part of a podcast series called Preneurcast. There’s a book giveaway going on for Workflow: Beyond Productivity as part of the show:

Enter the book contest

Preneurcast is a neat productivity/workflow podcast aimed towards the entrepreneur and small business owner. They have many nicely done episodes and interviews, so do check out the show. (Their next show is their 100th.)

Dom clearly has a good grasp of both Creating Flow with OmniFocus and Workflow: Beyond Productivity. In the episode, we focus on Workflow: Beyond Productivity as an all-encompassing, deep examination of what I believe are the roots that form many workflow systems such as GTDAgile Results, or 7 Habits. I really enjoyed our talk, and we probably could have just kept going.


Next Directions

Now that Workflow: Beyond Productivity is complete and the dust is settling, I am curious as to what readers would be interested in seeing next. If you have moment, please visit this post to let me know your thoughts. Thanks!