For nearly the last year, I’ve been hard at work updating Workflow: Beyond Productivity. I thought there were some small adjustments to make, but each change had a rippling effect. More things became apparent and the text needed greater changes that I originally thought.  In any case, it is now a whole new text:

I’m really excited about it and am happy to finally be releasing it. If ever there were a project into which I invested everything I learned, this is it. I’ve written about productivity, building systems, concepts that stem from psychoanalytic thinking and therapy, and creativity.

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Here’s the blurb:
Workflow Mastery is designed to help you build calm, decisive workflows. Starting with the most basic building blocks, the text guides you into developing them towards paths of mastery.

If you find yourself:

  • Constantly fiddling with your systems,
  • Not getting the right things done, or
  • On edge throughout your work, whether you have a system or not,

Workflow Mastery is designed to address it.