Books are odd things. At the same time they seem to just show up, they are worked on with daily diligence. How that paradox continues is beyond me.

In any case, I think I’m writing a new book. I hesitate to say so because I have to leave room for the fact that it will amount to nothing. I’m not sure. Such seems the way creative things go. Nor am I ready to get into what it’s about. It’s still in the early stages, and it needs room to grow into whatever it would like to be.

If you have noticed that my musings and postings have slowed, this would be why. It will likely continue to be slow to accommodate the time of writing.

Internet posts enter a strange sort of time. Most blog posts range about 500 words. Those words, however, are poured over again and again with careful consideration for links and presentation. A cared for post takes a lot longer than one would think. Every time I go to write one (including this one), I think, “ah this won’t take too long” and then it inevitably does.

For these reasons, my postings will slow down as they’ve been while the new writing has my attention …