Welcome to the MAP post series, in which we examine important components when attempting to find growth, stability, and a sense of direction. In our last email, we considered mastery. Today, we consider Agency

Argh! I forgot about that!

In that moment, an awful feeling grips your gut, as you realize that a vital deadline passed by, an important family moment slipped from mind, or some crucial detail was lost.

Not again?! How could I?!

You may even come to the conclusion that you are selfish, someone who can only think of themselves.

Deeply embedded in the Now, it’s far too easy to lose sight of past and future, anything that’s not on your mind right now.

So you drop things as soon as something “important” comes to mind, meanwhile creating a chaotic wake of the incomplete, choppy waters ready to feedback and worsen your state of mind.

Or you yell at yourself by writing “Do the report!” in all caps, creating a mess of reminders, or by plastering a cascade of sticky notes over the laptop screen.

Still, your screaming environment manages to fade out of awareness.

What we forget is that our Past, Present, and Future selves are each their own person, each deciding for themselves.

Past You is overwhelmed and writes a demand.

Future You sees that note on the fridge and says, “No way!”

Present You is simply exhausted and ignores the messes on the way to the milk.

But when you learn to:
Honor your Past Self,
Respect your Current Self, and
Care for your Future Self

in real practical ways, you open up a whole new world of possibility.

Agency is our ability to decide clearly and non-reactively, a vital part of any MAP for growth. When we respect agency in others, such as our present, past, and future selves, our relationships blend into gentle rhythms.

You might even find your self and your workload coming into a balanced harmony.

Whether ready to engage or barely able to lift yourself off the couch, you can have a way forward that feels meaningful, sincere, and at your pace.

  • Kourosh

PS Past You, Present You, and Future You engage in a continually shifting relationship. What is your relationship between them like? Feel free to leave a comment below.