When is preparation the same as procrastination?

Today’s story is inspired by a conversation with my daughter. Credit where it’s due…

While working, I often run into some frustration. My thoughts quickly turn to:

> “How could I make that go better?”

While necessity is the mother of invention, frustration must be the mother of organization. (I suspect they are siblings, if not related.)

In some ways, capitalizing on these frustrations is a great way find and build on some neat ideas. Heck, I’ve even written some books and courses as a result.

But then there is always the possibility of procrastinating. Continually trying to make something “better” delays bringing something else to completion.

While thinking through my thoughts, writing down a few possibilities of what to do next, my daughter looked over my shoulder, and invoking a gaming metaphor, said,

> “Why not let your mind free of the side quests and go after the main quest? If you go down every single side quest, it’s not going to be fun to beat the boss.”[^1]

I cannot say it better.

– Kourosh