“What does it mean when a character you’ve created makes you re-examine your own life through their astonishing selflessness?”

– from Alice and Kev


fromAliceandKevRobin Burkinshaw, game design student, created two characters using the Sims game and decided to watch and document their lives.

Given characteristics that make for a hard life, the odds are clearly stacked against them. But, in any story, hard times can really show what a character is made of. This seems to be no less true in the lives of Alice and Kev.

What’s interesting is how we can become so emotionally engaged when these characters were made with only a few predetermined qualities, gently nudged here and there by the game’s creator, and allowed to roam free.

I won’t say much of the story.  It seems to be one in evolution.   If you do decide to take a look, make sure you start at the beginning.