Not sure if this belongs in a blog post. I almost died about 30 minutes ago. As I crossed the street (with the walk sign and green light), a car whipped by about a foot in front of me at what was likely 50-60 mph. I stopped and turned to my left where it had gone, and the car’s left tire flew off.

The cars appropriately stopped at the red light in front of me – the passengers did not have any look of awe or anything. They just seemed to think – ah, well – another ridiculous driver.

There was no horn honked. There was nothing. No premonition. No sense of anything. I just saw a car fly by very close to me. I heard the tires on the wet road as it passed.

Just thought I’d write this down. Now I’m lost in thought …

… I love my family. I love my friends. …

… life can end quickly.

There’s more to say, but I can’t type anymore right now.