Dear Readers,

I’m excited to announce that Zen & The Art of Work is transitioning to Being Productive: Simple Steps to Calm Focus.

Note, if you already own Zen & The Art of Work course, you’ll get the new course for free. Just go to your Gumroad account, and it’ll be there once it’s available.


Why The Change?

With everything I create, I carefully listen to your feedback. The more people have used the course and given feedback, the more it’s become clear that productivity is the focus. So, the name should reflect that. Your comments have been the catalyst for this change, and I do thank you for that.


Is Anything Else Changing Other Than The Name?

Being Productive is still the simplest presentation of my workflow, separated from any tool or heavy theory. You can use pen and paper or a complex task system, either way. The concepts remain the same. It is my core productivity set.

However, you may notice that I have made small, but significant tweaks to increase clarity and make it even easier to learn and grow. Most modifications appear in the first two videos.


When Is the Change?

The transition will happen in the next few weeks (or after 1 week if all goes as planned). So if you already own Zen & The Art of Work and want to keep that title, please download those videos before the transition.  I plan to announce the change again once it happens.


Being Productive – Simple Steps to Calm Focus

If you’re looking for a solid course on how to be productive, this is it. It condenses years of therapy, creativity, meditation, work on productivity and more into a set of 14 exercises with the highest production values I could muster.

If you enjoyed Creating Flow with OmniFocus but are looking for something to instead give you an overall picture of productivity, this is it. If you enjoyed Workflow Mastery, but just want to get at the meat of doing work, this is it.

The course starts with very general but fundamental basics of good workflows. It then progresses into more concrete suggestions as you go along. Here is the outline:

  • Module 01 – Introduction – Learn a key ingredient of productivity.
  • Module 02 – Choosing Your Focus – Learn to make solid decisions about projects and next actions.
  • Module 03 – Taking a Step – Learn to engage your work at a subtle and deep level.
  • Module 04 – Walking Paths – Learn to engage work with regularity to build momentum and large projects.
  • Module 05 – Preparing Time – Learn to set the rest of your work aside for full focus.
  • Module 06 – Setting Thoughts Aside – Learn optimal uses of an Inbox.
  • Module 07 – Addressing Thoughts – Learn where to set ideas so they’ll be ready for you when you’re ready for them.
  • Module 08 – Using Action Lists – Learn to build helpful routines and structures to further build your focus.
  • Module 09 – Preparing Space & Attention – Learn techniques to optimize your environment and avoid procrastination.
  • Module 10 – Creating Next Actions – Learn to break work down to ease forward motion.
  • Module 11 – Mastery – Learn to find the basics of work so you can find play and mastery.
  • Module 12 – Setting Work Aside – Learn to set work aside and create supportive environments to make productivity easier.
  • Module 13 – Preparing the Day – Learn to prepare and plan to make your decisions easier.
  • Module 14 – Reviewing Systems – Learn to create genuine trust in your systems so you can have a clear mind.
  • Module 15 – Charting Courses – Learn to balance your work so you can easily know what you can and cannot take on.
  • Module 16 – Practicing – Bring all you’ve learned together.


Being Productive – Simple Steps to Calm Focus runs the same price as the Zen course – $34.95.