One of the neat things about DEVONthink is how it can search and find connections. It’s a big reason that I always return to it as my trusted note taking system.

For example, I’m currently heavily into working on ADHD and wandering minds in general. If I search the term “ADHD” itself, I get the following at the top of my results:

Notice that “Focus” is the second term. You can see on the left, DEVONthink presenting how much it is guessing that the term might have something to do with what you are interested in.

Now if I look at my entry for “Focus”:

I don’t see a single mention of “ADHD”. And yet they are obviously related. DEVONthink takes my set of notes, somehow magically analyzes them, and presents what I think might be related. That AI just amazes me.

Here’s another I put together in video form: