Repeating tasks are an excellent tool for work.

It makes wrapping up a session of work a quicker process. Just check it off and you have a reminder ready to go at a next set time. More importantly, the regularity enhances habit which is excellent fuel for any craft.

To set a repeat for a task:

  • Select a task:

Screenshot 2014-10-04_01-09-57_PM

  • Open the Inspector (Option-Command-i), if it is not already open.
  • Select the words “Don’t repeat”:

Select Don't Repeat

  • Choose any of the types of repeats and set the frequency:

setting repeat frequency

I’m a fan of deferring again daily.

  • Set a flag (Shift-Command-l) if that’s your means of bringing the work to your day’s attention and you’re good to go.

Flagging a task with Shift-Command-l

Going to the Flagged Perspective (Command–5):

A daily flagged view