We can only act here and now.

Of course, this seems obvious, but it is not. In fact, there are reasons to hide from the present moment, and we can easily do so without realizing it.

Acting from the present means directly facing the real limits of time and attention. We would realize that whatever we choose to do now will take every other choice off the table, at least for now. There are many feelings that come with that knowledge.

But when we do act with full presence, we face the limits of time and attention with strength. The risks needed, the mourning of lost possibilities, and the acknowledging of fears in paths taken — all factor in to a solid decision.

It is not easy to face the current moment. But the act of doing so is simple — that is to pause.

Pausing returns us to the present. When we pause, our current world of worries and want, our thoughts and feelings, all have time to settle in conscious awareness.

It takes courage to pause. But when we do, our decisions gain strength. We find footing, courage, and adaptability to move forward.

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