Last week, I sent out a survey to see who might prefer Creating Flow with OmniFocus 3 as a single file, rather than the multi-volume sets it has been in. The results are in.  Of those who responded, the overwhelming majority of you wanted to merge the files into one:

(As you can see, it gave me a good excuse to mess with Numbers chart-making mechanisms.)

I appreciate everyone’s feedback.  Especially, those of you who took the time to write out your thoughts and even make alternative suggestions, many of which could also be quite useful.

In the end, I’m now combining the files. A 5-volume format will be preserved, though, they will be all be within a single file. Among other advantages of compiling the volumes, the internal reference links will now span across the whole book rather than refer you to manually search for other related parts.

So… if you have purchased Creating Flow 3 and want to keep the multi-file versions, please download them now and keep them safe. I’ll be replacing the files with single file versions in the next day or so. Afterward, it will only be available as the single-file version.